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would love to send one of our digital experts to your next event, conference, luncheon, or team meeting to discuss any number of online topics. Free to reserve and all under an hour, these presentations are a great way to expand your team’s knowledge and develop your professional skills.

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Advanced Google Analytics: How to Make, Meet, and Measure Your Online Goals

Tara and Patrick introduce you to some fundamental principles of Google Analytics (GA)—focusing primarily on why, how, and when to create "Destination" and "Events" goals on GA. Filled with plenty of real-world examples, this talk is helpful for anyone ready to get serious about their website's real-world performance.


Presenters: Tara Morrow (Online Marketing Manager) & Patrick Wicker (Online Marketing Manager)
Length: 50 minutes

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How to conduct simple user research that Can Save You Money and Drive Conversions Online

Surveys show that 80% of companies say they deliver "superior service." But when asked, only 8% of their customers agreed! There's clearly a disconnect between businesses and their customers—especially online. If your website is user friendly, you'll achieve your goals more often and more quickly.

This presentation explores common methods of researching your users to better understand their assumptions, desires, and expectations—so that you can make bottom-line improvements to your website. Learn some practical steps to eliminate your users' frustrations and have fun seeing your website from new perspectives.


Presenters: Andrea Richeson (COO & VP of User Experience) & Mike Steckel (Senior Information Architect)
Length: 50 minutes

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Selling Yourself: Persuasive Communication for Business Development

What if the best sales pitches aren’t pitches at all? Persuasive business development is all about asking questions, hearing the answers, and empathizing with your customers.

In this expert presentation, you’ll learn sales questioning and listening techniques that will help you understand your prospects and their needs. Once equipped with these insights, you’ll be able to create solutions that address their specific needs––and help you stand out among your competition.

Length: 40 minutes
Presenter: Nick Weynand (President & Founder)

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How to Create Customer Surveys that Improve Your Organization

Surveys can be a low-cost, high-return way to identify precisely what your customers/members want and need—and to use these insights to make strategic improvements. Crafted well, and analyzed with an open mind, customer surveys will help any organization discover new ways to serve (and sell) their customers. This presentation takes a practical look at surveys—e.g., what makes a good survey, pitfalls to avoid, and tips for making sense of your responses.

This is an ideal presentation for government agencies, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations looking to reconnect with their members, donors, and supporters. But the fundamentals of survey design hold true across every industry and sector.

Presenter: Andrew Buck (Content Marketing Manager)
Length: 50 minutes

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How to Integrate Developers with THE REST OF THE Creative Team

Full-service digital firms have a problem: Effectively integrating developers with the rest of the creative team—e.g., information architects, UX specialists, content strategists, etc.

Without effectively melding these two sides of the agency, you're losing time, money, and opportunities to delight your clients. But a few simple strategies can ensure that your developers and designers collaborate effectively—and produce the most sophisticated solutions.

Presenter: Stephen Tidmore (Vice President of Technology)
Length: 35 minutes

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