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Web Design

We believe that great design happens when you have the following:

Based on our intensive discovery process that identifies your web strategy and informs your site architecture, our visual design team creates unique, attractive, and professional design concepts that will set your site apart from the crowd. Our iterative process ensures that your site will be easy to use, and will exceed the expectations of your company, your users, and potential clients.

Visual Design and Branding

Your site will look fantastic because your team of designers will take time to understand your goals and audience––and use this to communicate your unique value.

We'll work closely with you to nail the perfect new look, including several rounds of revisions. We won't stop until we've exceeded your expectations. 

We also offer standalone branding services––e.g., logo design, font treatments, color selection, and the creation of a branding guide. 

User Research

Most organizations overestimate what they know about their customers and website users. Yet, understanding the people who use your website—and why they use it—is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to ensure your website supports your business goals and growth. At Trademark, we've collaborated with our clients in many ways to better understand what users value and expect from an organization’s website. Methods we employ include formal usability testing, card sorting excercies, and conducting formal interviews with target audiences.


Nothing is more frustrating than a website that looks great, but is difficult to use. Throughout the architecture phase of the process, our user experience professionals carefully craft website information and functionality to be as easy to use as possible. We employ the latest techniques to create websites and web applications that are engaging, effortless, and effective.


Your website should be accessible to people with disabilities, including visual and mobility impairments. Many government websites require it, and for private companies it’s just the right thing to do. Most of our websites follow strict Section 508 and WCAG standards for accessibility.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Design

Users are more mobile than ever and websites should be designed to be accessible and user-friendly from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or handheld.  Our user experience professionals and visual designers use an established responsive design process to make certain that our clients’ websites adapt dynamically to a variety of devices and screen sizes. In addition, we utilize the latest HTML 5 techniques to create websites that interact with key device functionality such as geolocation for location-aware applications.

Content Strategy

Nothing is more important on a website than its content, and a great website can quickly give the wrong impression if the content is disorganized or poorly written. Excellent content should provide clearly structured information, meaningful messaging, and persuasive calls to action. We offer content architecture services through our standard web design process, as well as options for content strategy and copywriting.

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