User Research

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. Zora Neale Hurston

Study after study proves it: Organizations regularly overestimate how accurately and deeply they understand their customers.

The result? A website that doesn’t work, convert, or delight.

User research will change that. User research reveals, in concrete terms, your users’ motivations, attitudes, and expectations—their hopes and dreams, their hot buttons and soft spots.

User research turns unknowns into certainties.

And best of all, user research is the most cost-effective path to a website and marketing strategy that actually work. It will save you time and money—and offer an inside track on the battle for your users' attention.

Our User Research Services:

  • Usability Testing

    We’ll walk members of your target audience through your website. We’ll prompt them to complete a variety of tasks. We’ll carefully record everything—time, clicks, mis-clicks, navigation habits, scroll rate, etc. We’ll gather their personal impressions and put it on video. Then we'll make practical recommendations based on our findings.

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  • Persona Development

    Most websites don’t have a single, typical user. Instead, you have a group of related user types. Each of these types can be represented by a “persona”—a user group defined by their goals, challenges, expectations, biases, etc. Once developed, we use these personas to drive architecture, design, and functionality choices for your site.

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  • Stakeholder Interviews

    We’ll conduct a series of structured conversations with a variety of your users and internal stakeholders. Out of this wealth of input, we’ll derive specific recommendations to improve the design, functionality, and effectiveness of your website.

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