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User Research

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
Zora Neale Hurston

Study after study proves it: Organizations regularly overestimate how accurately and deeply they understand their customers. The result? A website that doesn’t work, convert, or delight.

User research will change that. User research will give you insight into your users’ motivations, attitudes, concerns, and expectations. Their hopes, their dreams. Their hot buttons and their soft spots.

User research turns unknowns into certainties. 

And best of all, user research is the most cost-effective path to an effective website. It will save you time and money—and give you an extreme competitive advantage. 

Our User Research Services:

Usability Testing

We’ll walk real people from your audience through your website. We’ll prompt them to complete a variety of tasks. We’ll carefully record everything—time, clicks, mis-clicks, navigation path, scroll rate, etc. We’ll gather their personal impressions and put it on video. Then we'll make practical recommendations based on our findings. 

Learn more about Usability Testing

Persona Development

Most websites don’t have a single, typical user. Instead, you have a group of related user types. Each of these types can be represented by a “persona”—a user group defined by their goals, challenges, expectations, biases, etc. Once developed, we use these personas to drive architecture, design, and functionality choices for your site.

Learn more about Persona Development

Stakeholder Interviews & Surveys

We’ll conduct a series of structured conversations with a variety of your users and internal stakeholders. Out of this wealth of input, we’ll derive specific recommendations to improve the design, functionality, and effectiveness of your website.

Learn more about Stakeholder Interviews & Surveys

Card Sorting

Sure, your website’s content makes sense to you. But what about your users? Are they finding what they want––and discovering delightful things they weren’t expecting? Is content organized in a way that produces the behavior you want? Do your menu titles make sense? Are buttons labeled effectively? 

Request a a card sorting proposal. 

Expert Website Review

We know websites. We’ve designed and launched about 600 of them since we began in 1999. We’d love to get our hands on yours––and begin applying our user experience wisdom to your project. We’ll identify problem areas, strategic challenges, and what you’re doing well. If you’re unsure about a full-scale website redesign, an expert review is an inexpensive way to decide how to proceed. 

Request an expert review of your website

Ready to discover your unknowns?

Request a Proposal

Request a Proposal

Interested in learning more? Tell us your digital needs and together we'll find a solution that works for your organization. 


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