Usability Testing

If you want to know how the lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle. Jim Stengel

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

  • Your website sells stuff. But lately, users are abandoning their online shopping cart and leaving your website before checking out. 
  • Google Analytics reveal that 50% of the people who conduct internal website searches aren't clicking of any your search results.
  • One of the best pages on your website (you think) isn't getting any traffic, despite being near the top of your navigation. 

Every website has usability problems. They don't have to.

But unless you conduct formal usability testing, you won’t be sure what those problems are—let alone how to correct them. (And by the way, Google Analytics won’t give you the answers. You have to watch your users’ behavior, up close and personal.)

The good news? Usability testing is fairly simple—and the insights it generates will make your website more effective.

Our Usability Testing Method:

  • 1. Discovery

    We’ll dive deep with into your organization. Who is your audience, exactly? What do you want them to do on your website?  What motivates your users? We’ll talk through these issues (and more) and come up with a plan for testing your site.

  • 2. Recruiting & Scheduling

    We’ll generate a list of people who are in your ideal audience and then reach out to them as test participants. 

  • 3. Script Writing

    We’ll write a battery of questions to ask and tasks to test. We'll make sure we're uncovering user behavior that relates to your organizational goals.

  • 4. Testing

    We'll run the tests, observing real users completing tasks. We'll measure their responses, thoughts, and feelings at every step. 

  • 5. Expert Analysis

    We'll review the results. We'll compare to benchmarks. And we'll lend our seasoned expertise to the question of: What precisely have we learned and how can we improve the user experience of your site?

  • 6. Final Report

    We’ll craft a report that summarizes findings in an easy-to-digest format. Then we’ll make specific recommendations for next steps—i.e., your roadmap to online success. Usability testing is a cost-effective way to transform your website from guesswork to certainwork.

Put your website to the test:

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