Social Media Strategy

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach for hearts is wise. Maya Angelou

But what can social media do for you?

Social media isn’t a billboard. And it isn’t a piece of junk mail shoved into your mailbox.

Social media is a direct line to your customers, members, and prospects—an always-on channel in which you can connect, share, delight, and (eventually) persuade your audience. 

Social media will not return dividends overnight. At its most effective, your commitment to serving your users via social media must be a long-term strategy.

The good news?

If you’re interested in expanding and nurturing your audience via social media, we can be your expert partners. And we can measure how effective our help is. Here’s how...

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, LinkdedIn, even Twitter—social media platforms are constantly improving how, and how effectively, they deliver advertisements. But taking advantage of these opportunities requires great design, sophisticated targeting, and regular maintenance.

Our online marketing experts will help you devise a custom, targeted, and thoughtful social media advertising campaign—including design, content, and messaging. Then we’ll manage the campaign and demonstrate its effectiveness.

Ongoing Social Media Content

We will create original content targeted at your prospects, curate additional relevant content, and promote it via your social media networks. In other words, we’ll become your social media department.

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