Persona Development

Empathy is the ultimate form of customer insight. Don Peppers

Personas are detailed portraits of your target users. And developed accurately, personas can be invaluable to your organization's marketing efforts.

Yeah, but what are personas, exactly?

Personas are representations of your ideal users that allow you to think of them as real people with concrete traits. Personas help you approach your audiences as unique, flesh-and-bone people with needs and wants, biases, and expectations.

Too often, personas are pulled from thin air, without basis in research. Or worse, organizations substitute marketing demographics for research—e.g., “25-40 year-old males all want to buy X, so we will talk about X.” That's not how it works. 

Instead, we'll deliver personas that are built on specific data and expert insights.

The Benefits of Personas

Developing personas gives all of our marketing efforts, digital and otherwise, a clear direction. Personas answer questions like:

  • What marketing messages work?
  • Where should content go?
  • What tone should we strike?
  • How do we structure our website for different audiences?
  • How do we target our marketing and sales projects?

Answering these questions—and the dozens of spin-off questions for each—will give you long-term, clear targets for all of your development, marketing, and product efforts. You'll no longer be operating on hunches or suspicions; you'll design your work and marketing around actual persona types.

Who are your personas?

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