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Mobile-Responsive Web Design

87% of adults who use the Internet access the Web through a smartphone.
Pew Research

Consider this: More than half of all Internet traffic takes place on a mobile device—and that number is only going to increase. The mobile revolution has arrived, and it's not going anywhere.

If your website isn’t mobile-responsive, you’re losing money, visitors, and credibility.

But what, exactly, is mobile-responsive design?

It means that your organization’s website is designed to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience on mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets). It means treating your mobile users as thoughtfully as your desktop users. 

At TradeMark Media in Austin, we design websites and applications that support your goals—regardless of the device your customers use. We’ll ensure your users aren’t left in the digital desert. 

Put your website on-the-go.

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Request a Proposal

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