Email Marketing

Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk. Seth Godin

Email is the most effective mass communication tool at your disposal. 

Executed with vigor and sophistication, an email marketing campaign can generate new leads, donations, and brand advocates. Email marketing can move the needle.

But why should you market via email?


More than 90% of online consumers check their email at least once per day. Of all digital marketing tactics, email messages are the most likely to reach their destination––allowing your audience to act immediately.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI among all digital marketing channels. For customer acquisition, email beats social media 40x. According to the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 spent on email marketing generates $41 in revenue.


You can follow your users’ activity from the moment they receive your email until—minutes, weeks, or months later—they become a customer. We’ll show you how to wield this data to to make your campaigns more effective.

Our Email Marketing Services:

  • Email Marketing Strategy

    We’ll help you create the blueprint for the design, messaging, conversion techniques, and evaluation metrics for your entire email marketing campaign—and we’ll collaborate with you to form a targeted strategy that directly supports your goals.

  • Marketing Automation

    Deploying a marketing automation platform requires a sound strategy and obsession with detail. Let our experts build a powerful, easy-to-manage automation campaign—allowing you to sit back and watch your customer engagement skyrocket.

  • Copywriting & Email Design

    Our seasoned writers and designers will craft beautiful email messages filled with sticky copy that drives action. Stand out from the crowd and tell your story effectively!

  • Email Marketing Tracking

    We’ll ensure that tracking is integrated with your mail client, your Google Analytics, and your website. You’ll be able to instantly view reports on how your emails are performing. We’ll even make ongoing recommendations to improve their effectiveness.

  • Email Optimization & Testing

    This is the really fun part. We’ll constantly test the optimal ways to increase open rate, click-through rate, and conversions, etc. This ongoing and strategic adjustment will boost your email success and begin to deliver key insights into your audience.

  • Landing Page Design

    When the campaign calls for it, our designers and information architects will create great landing pages for your email messages—which allow you to get hyper-specific in your messaging, calls to action, and reporting.

  • Subscriber Generation

    You can only email people who give you permission. We’ll help you devise a plan—and design website enhancements—to generate new email recipients. The bigger your email list, the greater your influence. 

  • Reporting

    We’ll provide regular reports on your campaign performance and user behavior. Monthly reports will keep you close to the successes—and challenges—of the campaign.

Email marketing is your next big thing:

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