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Ignorance is a temporary affliction, remedied only by asking the right questions.
Colin Wright

Designing a website is a strategic splash of cold water––an opportunity to revisit your goals, question your long-held assumptions, and craft a plan for serving the only people that really matter: your audience. 

  • What does your audience want from you?
  • What do they want but don’t yet realize they want?
  • What does your website do well? Where is it coming up short?

We’ll help you answer these (deceptively) simple questions by diving deep into what makes your organization tick, what motivates your audience, and how all of it translates to an effective website or Web application. 

We call this "Discovery" because you'll inevitably uncover things you never even considered. It's that revealing. 

What You'll Receive

When Discovery wraps up, we'll deliver practical, useful insights into your audience that you can use in your website redesign. This includes:

  1. Discovery Brief - detailing everything learned during Discovery in a concise package
  2. High-level Wireframes - aka, blueprints for your new homepage
  3. Functional Specifications - listing at a high level what your new website will accomplish

Optional: Discovery Workshop

If you’re a large, complex organization––or if you’re launching a website for the first time––you might consider a Discovery Workshop. 

The Discovery Workshop is a longer, even-deeper dive into your operations, messaging, and business goals. In the end, you’ll receive the Discovery Brief, critical wireframes, and functional specifications––along with a draft statement of work for the rest of the project. You’ll have everything you need to move forward with your website project. 

The Discovery Workshop can also be a standalone engagement––e.g., you use the results of the workshop to craft a website design RFP, build the site with us down the road, or deliver to another developer. 

Discover Your Organization All Over Again

Request a Proposal

Request a Proposal

Interested in learning more? Tell us your digital needs and together we'll find a solution that works for your organization. 


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