RFP Template for Web Design and Development

Why do three little letters—RFP—strike fear into the hearts of organizations (like yours) and potential providers (like us)? 

Because most RFPs are poorly written and, thus, receive poorly crafted proposals. 

After reading hundreds of Web design RFPs in our 16+ years, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. And now, we've developed an RFP Template for Web Design Projects that's yours to download and use ... for free. 

If your organization is considering a Web development project, new website enhancements, special online tools, or even a mobile app, this RFP Template should make your job much, much easier. It's laid out in a way that will make sense to potential bidders—and entice better, more valuable proposals. 

Download the "RFP Template for Web Design Projects" (Word)

Note: This document includes a cover sheet with a few tips and tricks for composing a great RFP. But everything after the first page is pure, un-branded, completely shareable template. It's all yours. Feel free to share, copy, enhance. 

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