Whole Kids Foundation

Crafting a year-round strategy for a beloved nonprofit

In strategizing our end-of-year campaign, they helped us structure a framework and timing. They created a theme for our appeal, helped segment our audience, and determined frequency. As a result, we added more new donors and realized more donations over the previous year.Nona Evans, President & Executive Director

The Challenges

Whole Kids Foundation (WKF)—founded by Whole Foods Market—is on a mission to instill healthy eating habits in kids for a lifetime of healthy living. To do this, WKF provides grants for the creation of school gardens, cafeteria salad-bars, and class curriculums that reach millions of children.

But as a nonprofit associated with a global corporate entity, fundraising can be a challenge.

When WKF needed to establish their own voice and raise their own money, they came to TradeMark Media for help both maximizing their existing donor base and giving potential donors the confidence to support their cause.

The Results

  • 250K+ audience for campaign
  • 74% increase in new donors
  • 20% increase in new visitors to website
  • 7000%+ increase in social impressions

The Solutions

A Home-Grown Strategy

Most of WKF’s income comes from a two-week, at-the-register campaign within Whole Foods Market nationwide. Revenue from this campaign was dropping.

So we conducted an audit of their current digital fundraising—and produced a 22-page digital fundraising strategic report that detailed an aggressive development and communication plan for the entire fiscal year.

End-of-Year Giving

Additionally, we crafted an end-of-year campaign that would galvanize individual donations and put WKF’s impact front and center.

Our idea—the “5 Days of Giving” format—created a platform for introducing the many aspects of the WKF mission. The emails spanned from “Giving Tuesday” to December 31—and were enhanced with Web banners and social media posts.

Fresh, Organic, Stewardship

The golden rule of nonprofit stewardship is keeping donors current on the financial health of an organization. But WKF needed a cost-conscious way of infusing their mission into their 2015 annual report.

So we concentrated on storytelling—ultimately crafting an immersive narrative that focused on outcomes and was designed for online distribution. The annual report tells the story of WKF through their kids and trusted partners, while highlighting compelling infographics to show breadth of service and financial stability.

Digital Campaign Toolkits

Fundraisers need quality assets to get their efforts noticed, but more often than not, there’s a shortage of resources to bring their ideas to life. To line up with our strategic digital fundraising plan, TradeMark Media designed a series of seasonal campaign toolkits that gave in-house producers message guidance and visual assets to create professional communications with ease. WKF’s in-house team pushed the assets out to the world and used the campaign toolkits to produce any additional assets on the fly.

We also provided customized social graphics, optimized for viewing on a variety of social platforms, along with suggestions on formats for Pinterest posts, web banners and online advertising.

100% Garden Blend

Word-of-mouth is a catalyst to donations, so giving employees, supporters and would-be donors a way to publicly show their support was a no-brainer.  As part of a Whole Foods Market-wide employee rewards program, TradeMark Media designed a mission-focused t-shirt using custom hand-lettering and illustration. The result is punny and on-trend, aimed at the discerning tastes of the Whole Foods team member and shopper.

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