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A couple of years back, Whole Foods Market asked us to redesign their Newsroom––a website for members of the news media, containing company news, statistics, history, and resources.

This is what they said about the project at the time:

Very happy with our experience with TradeMark and would highly recommend to others. Particularly, these things made us happy: setting expectations, clear communication, availability when needed, flexibility, speed, and the site design and functionality is great.

Then, late last year, Whole Foods refreshed the design of its main website (wholefoods.com)––and, in the interest of brand consistency, asked us to refresh the Newsroom with the same style.

Usually, this type of project is called a "re-skin"––i.e., a visual refresh to a site that contains few (or no) structural changes. But one of our developers called it a "de-skin," as the project involved removing some of the Newsroom's design elements, stripping it down to a simpler, cleaner, fresher look.

But it also wasn't exactly a de-skin, because the clean look was accompanied by updates that won’t be apparent to the naked eye. We:

  • Improved the structure of the code
  • Better organized page templates
  • Boosted page-load time

... all of which will make future site development easier. And finally, we improved the uniformity of styles across the site, creating a less disruptive user experience.

Whole Foods is the only Fortune 500 company based in Austin. And it's a pleasure being their digital partner.

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