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The Challenges

Whole Cities Foundation, the third charitable initiative from our partners at Whole Foods Market, needed a website to tell its unique story. And what a story it is:

The mission of Whole Cities Foundation is to improve individual and community health through collaborative partnerships, education, and broader access to nutritious food in the communities we serve.

The WCF launched in February 2014 in several pilot cities around the country.

With such a bold and large effort––i.e., the WCF is trying to change how people eat in densely populated urban areas––the website had to be striking. It needed to inspire visitors, urge them to promote fresh, healthy foods in the their own communities.

The website also had to motivate users to get involved by donating, subscribing to the newsletter, or supporting community gardens and urban farmers. And finally, it needed to serve as an accessible resource for underserved communities to provide them information about nutrition and health eating.

The Solutions

TradeMark Media worked closely with the Whole Cities Foundation team to architect and design a site that made information easy to find and had wide visual appeal. The site’s artwork and photography highlights the products of urban farmers that the Foundation supports, while the simple architecture calls out the Foundation’s programs, partners, sponsors, and resources.

The site includes a comprehensive, easy-to-explore recipe section, promoting the use of healthy foods in an accessible way. Features also include newsletter registration and a translation tool so that visitors can view the site in a variety of languages.

The WCF might've been a new endeavor, but the WCF's first website conveyed the same sense of authority and engagement that Whole Foods enjoys.

The Results

The feedback about the website has been nothing but positive. The project team immediately received kudos from within Whole Foods Market, complimenting the look and feel of the entire Whole Cities Foundation website.As one Whole Cities team member put it:

You all are the tech rock stars that amaze and delight me to no end. Thank you from the bedrock of my garden… you have made our work possible and I am SO grateful. Thank you!!! — Jane Johnson, Communications Lead

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