Plugging into a Global Audience

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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of cable assembles and power cords, Volex is a large, global company with a diverse portfolio of product and service offerings.

But their Web presence needed some juice. And TradeMark Media was thrilled to help.


  • Make finding the correct Volex power cord easy and obvious.
  • Deploy a modern CMS that makes site management easy.
  • Give the company an estimable, sophisticated visual brand.

Custom Catalog

In the past, finding a Volex power cord was a difficult task.

So we built a custom product database that allows users to peruse the Volex catalog using filters. Now, if you want to know which Volex "three-prong, angled plugs will work in U.S. outlets" a complete list is only a few mouse clicks away:

For Example

An appliance manufacturer in Seoul, South Korea, needs 15,000 plugs for its new line of toasters.

The toaster-maker simply logs on to Volex.com, uses the (intuitive) product search/filters to find the proper plug, and then quickly connects directly with Volex sales. The sales department knows precisely what the manufacturer needs—and then fulfills its order. Easy as pie.

Three Helpful Features

  1. When a user searches for a plug, for example, what they usually actually need is what's called an "assembly" (i.e., a combination of plug, cord, and cable). Now, the product search results page also displays athe assemblies that each plug, cord, and cable is used with. This guides users to what they really need.
  2. Each product page can display related products.
  3. When a user requests a sales quote for a specific product, Volex sales reps now see precisely which product they're inquiring about.  

The Verdict

In the end, we helped Volex conquer their online obstacles with a mix of seasoned UX insights, custom-built tools, and great visuals. And this is just the beginning. We've created a platform on which Volex can continue to build out its digital presence for years to come. 

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