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The Challenges

UPG Online Video Marketing was making a name for itself in the world of video marketing––and it needed website needed to match its growing presence. UPG offers a unique blend of video production plus online marketing know-how. In other words, the videos they produce work for their clients.

But their old website wasn’t sophisticated. For starters, video––i.e., the very thing that UPG does best––wasn't adequately featured. The new UPG website would need to illustrate the extreme power of video as a marketing and storytelling device––not simply provide a few screenshots.  

And as is often the case with clients who come to us, their website was built on an old CMS that had been poorly built, and so it was difficult to manage. (We call that a CMMS = content mis-management system). 

The Solutions

We partnered with UPG Video (a symbiotic partnership thay continues to this day) to launch a website that makes video king. The ultra-modern design finally matches the quality of work that UPG delivers. We employed a striking video background and parallax scrolling. The message to visitors is simple: Great video can make all the difference. 

But there's more to UPG than showing off slick video production. And so the website employs a sales-focused architecture. Users are ushered toward the company’s portfolio, which includes downloadable white papers. An integrated blog allows UPG to publish content and deep social media integration allows the company to build its fan base.

Finally, a more robust and more tightly integrated content management system makes the site easy to update.

The Results

After launch, the new UPG Video website saw a 44% increase in visitors over the same period the previous year. Pageviews grew more than 67%. The bounce rate plummeted. And perhaps most importantly, the average visit duration has more than doubled.

That's called a win-win-win-win.

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