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Trinity Logistics is one of the largest third-party shipping companies in the country. But viewing their old website, you would never have known it.

Trinity Logistics needed an online identity that aligned with the company's robust growth and unique culture. As with many websites, the design challenge was a balancing act: balancing professionalism with personality, credibility with fun.

But worst of all, the old website wasn't working for Trinity Logistics. It wasn't generating enough sales leads, due to poor architecture and, worse, appearing in the basement of Google's search rankings.

That had to change.


We partnered with Trinity Logistics to craft a smart website––one that is equal parts beautiful, intuitive, and simple.

With their new website, Trinity is able to escort users down separate journeys depending on their needs. Customers go down one path, shipping partners go down another. Along the way, a blog and email marketing system (both integrated seamlessly with the website) helps Trinity better connect with their audience.

Finally, we implemented a custom SEO and online marketing strategy. We created lead forms and landing pages––and visitors are regularly prompted to request a quote or contact the company.


The improvement from the old site to the new site has been dramatic. Five months after the new site was launched, Trinity saw nearly a 52% increase in traffic, 18% more pageviews, and the average visit duration rose almost 47%.

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