Texas State Securities Board

Professional & Usable


The Challenge

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) administers and enforces the Texas Securities Act. Five board members, appointed by the Governor, periodically update the Securities Act rules to ensure that investors are sufficiently protected—and that legitimate capital-raising endeavors go unimpeded.

As the leader among state securities regulators, TSSB needed a webstie that illustrated their professionalism and conveyed their prominence among government agencies. And because government agencies serve the public, the site must also be user-friendly and easily navigable to just about everyone.

In short, the Board needed an online identity that was professional, credible, and highly usable.

The Solution

Believe it or not, there's now law that requires government websites to look and feel like government websites. Together, we reviewed other government agencies' sites to find what design elements work, which don't—and how to tell the difference. Ultimately, we struck upon a design that suggests "authority balanced with friendliness."

We also needed to structure the site to serve both of TSSB's main audiences: investors and industry pros. From the website, users quickly identify the section of the site most releveant to their needs.

The Verdict

If only all, state agency websites were as helpful, clear, and usable as the TSSB's...

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