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It was just a lot of fun. We had a great working relationship with them.

Heather McBride, Marketing and Communications Director

The Challenges

Perhaps no other client better embodies our approach to Web design: Partnership matters. We've been working for The Texas Historical Commission for years. With each project, our understanding of the THC deepens and, thus, the results get more sophisticated. 

It started when THC came to TradeMark looking for a redesign of its main website. The old site was simply outdated. It was big but cumbersome; chock full of info, yet not user-friendly. 

The THC needed a travel and tourism website that accomplished several goals:

  • tell the rich history of Texas
  • help Texans protect their towns and history
  • encourage tourism to Texas' historical sites

This last point presented a host of additional UX and information architecture challenges. See, the THC has divided Texas into 10 regions, each with its own historical sites, events, resources, challenges, and tourism opportunities. 

Our designers were tasked with both delivering THC a website––but also 10 individual "micro-sites," one for each region in the state. These microsites needed to feel unique while also connected to the larger THC personality. Also, each microsite would be managed by a regional administrator. 

Like Texas history, the new THC website would have a lot of moving parts. 

The Solution

First, our developers came up with a plan to develop the main THC site and the 10 trail region sites on a single content management system (CMS) platform.

Using Drupal, each site shares common architecture elements but displays the unique personality of the region. Each site allows visitors to search for nearby historic sites by name, city, or theme. Beautiful imagery is used throughout each site to connect visitors to the places they wish to travel.

Visitors can also view upcoming events and connect with region partners. Content management is handled by each trail region administrator locally and by the Texas Historical Commission globally.

Now, THC has a platform to promote historic travel and tourism throughout the great state of Texas.

It’s never been a better time to see where it all happened.

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