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The Challenges

The Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR) is the largest professional association in the state of Texas. (In Texas, that's really saying something. We tend to go pretty big here.) But when you're a big association, your digital shortcomings can have big consequences.

TAR faced a unique challenge: They had two websites––one for homebuyers and one for their REALTOR members. This division wasn't efficient, and it didn't make sense.

But combining both audiences (who seemingly have different agendas) onto a single website was a daunting endeavor. If it didn't work, TAR risked alienating any of the constituents. 

Once the merge happened, other challenges awaited––e.g., integrating with third-party software, building helpful interactive Web applications, boosting site visits through SEO and search engine advertising, etc. 

The Solutions

Our partnership with TAR, which is going on two years, is a combo platter––i.e., we've used nearly all of our expertise and services. 

First, we conducted a deep Discovery phase in order to learn how to serve both of TAR's unique audiences equally well. Next, we designed and built a big, powerful website full of thousands of pages and countless interactions. We built smart, SEO-friendly content into the new website. And since launch, we've continued to help TAR refine its online marketing efforts. 

The website includes a robust site-wide search, driven by a Google Search Appliance, which consolidates different types of content: real estate properties, realtors, blog posts, news items, etc. The site also integrates with several internal and external applications including the property listing service, agent profiles, and member management tools.

The Results

The website has been a huge boon for TAR. Using key metrics we developed in collaboration with TAR––page views, property searches, and search engine ranks––we've watched TAR's new website continue to improve, month over month. 

For example: In the first three months, the new website received more than one million visits, hosted nearly 8,000 property searches, and helped visitors find about 4,000 member REALTORS. 

The best part? We're still close partners with TAR, regularly making strategic enhancements to the site, its SEO efforts, and its online marketing tactics. 

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