Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Waking Up to a New Website

Career Staff

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: It’s pronounced “A - nes – the – tist.”

When the Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA) first hired TradeMark to redesign their website, we had difficulty saying the name correctly, too. But we eventually got it right. And we like to think we got the rest of the project right, too.

The Challenge

The original TxANA website had a transactional feeling––rather than an active, thoughtful one. Professional associations like TxANA, perhaps more than any other type of organization, need a digital presence that feels dynamic, interactive, engaged.

The old site also had some functionality difficulties.

For example, the site was integrated with TxANA’s membership management software––enabling members to log in, connect on message boards, register for events, etc. But the intergation between the website and the member software wasn't being utilized. TxANA’s members often found themselves unable to perform the simple tasks they wanted to.

The Solution

TradeMark media partnered with TxANA to plan, design, develop, launch, and support a new home on the Web. We provided front-to-end services to re-imagine and build TxANA’s digital presence––including strategy, information architecture, logo and visual design, development, and ongoing support and training.

About the Logo

Logos matter only if they’re (a) really wonderful or (b) really awful. There’s a sea of bland, forgettable logos swimming between those two poles. TxANA’s old logo wasn't awful. But it was forgettable—and worse, it didn't due justice to the difficult, specialized, hard work that nurse anesthetists perform every day.

Old Logo

Our visual design team, led in this case by Marty Merida, tackled the logo re-design question by attempting to balance TxANA’s two primary missions: supporting anesthetists and advocating for them in the Texas Legislature. Marty also aimed to balance a fresh, modern, stylish approach with TxANA’s rather serious and important work. In other words, the new logo would need to be attractive but not sexy, eye-catching but not frivolous.

We think Marty nailed it....

New Logo

A quick explanation from Marty himself about the logo:

The new TxANA Logo was designed to bring strength and unity to the brand, updating the style to better fit the times and celebrating the unity of nurse anesthetists from both student and legislative sides. This is represented in the color, shapes, typeface and symbol in the identifying mark.

The Verdict

  • The new site interacts seamlessly with TxANA member software.
  • The new site is mobile-responsive. 
  • The new site is built on a user-friendly, open-source content management system (CMS).

If we listed the dozens and dozens of subtle user experience (UX) enhancements, we’d be here all day. (And this case study is already too long.)

But the bottom line is this: If this new website helps this critical segment of our healthcare community perform their jobs better and with more support, then we’re thrilled to have been a part of the experience.

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