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They were very organized, they had everything lined up, and they let us be as creative as we needed to be.

Kathleen Nobbe, Executive of Operations

The Challenge

We say it all the time around the office: Good websites don't stay static for long. Taurus Academy is a great example of this.

Years ago, we built Taurus Academy -- then called "Taurus Training & Doggy Play Day" -- a cool new website. Taurus began to grow, fast. They expanded their service offerings and opened new offices across Austin. Eventually, this rapid growth inspired Taurus to revisit their name, logo, and overall marketing positioning, resulting in the switch to "Academy," a new logo, and an overall more "professional" brand. 

But what about the Web? How could Taurus get its hands on a website that (a) reflected its new brand, while (b) not losing the great online functionality on which it depended? 

The Solution

Another thing we talk about all the time around here: partnership. At TradeMark Media, we try whenever possible to form a deep and abiding collaboration with our clients; it produces better results for them and a more efficient process for us. It's why much of our business is repeat engagements with clients over the course of many years. And it's why about 90% of our clients sign up for our ongoing support package after their launch -- including Taurus. 

After we built Taurus' first new website a few years ago, we remained in constant contact with them, fixing bugs and making updates whenever necessary. And so, when it was time to redesign their website to match the new look and feel, Taurus asked us to get to work. And we did. 

Mostly, this was a "re-skinning" project -- meaning, instead of designing the new TaurusAcademy.com from the ground up (as we did the first time we built their site), we designed a new "skin" to lay across the existing site architecture, which was mostly perfect. Our team of designers created a look that achieved two opposing objectives: 

  • Make a noticeable change that aligns with the new visual brand, and 
  • Don't confuse visitors with a radical redesign that interfered with how the site actually worked for them

But we also took this project as an opportunity to optimize their site structure a bit. For example, we added a new sidebar menu to the second-level navigation, giving Taurus an easy place to highlight evergreen content such as "Training Tips" and "Locations" and "Pricing." Additionally, the new sidebar is a fantastic place to stick a "Get Started" button that moves visitors into the sales funnel by directing them to an online application. 

In the end, we think the more "Austin-y" website is gorgeous, lively, and effective.

If we ever adopt an office dog, she'll definitely be a Taurus client.

I am very impressed with TradeMark Media's thorough and intentional processes. I had no doubt during the process that we were going to be happy with the end result.

William McLeroy, Owner

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