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The entire process from discovery to launch was professional, well-managed, and handled with white gloves. You can tell that TradeMark Media truly partners with their clients—adding to the success of the website. Daniel Helfman, Marketing Director

PetRelocation moves your pet for you. Simple enough.

But of course, as with all things concerning our pets, things get emotional quickly.

Because we love them. They’re family members. And so, to hand them over to someone else—someone who will be moving them to our new home across the country or the globe—requires deep trust.

When PetRelocation came to us, they wanted their online presence to convey their commitment to animal safety and care. They wanted trust.

Content Management

PetRelocation invests wisely in marketing. They have a full-time writer on staff. They’re clear-eyed and insightful about their customers. They know who they want to be, and they have plenty to say.

But their old website was built on an outdated Drupal CMS—making site management an inefficient, error-prone chore. They used actual computer code instead of simply entering content into a WYSIWYG editor.

So we developed their new website on a more modular, user-friendly version of ExpressionEngine CMS. This allows them to make website edits instantly without needing to know a single line of HTML code.

For a company with such an abundance of content and client success stories, easy website management is a game changer.

Getting Found With SEO

The heart of online marketing is search. Because if nobody finds your website, it can’t do its magic. (Dharmesh Shah, the founder of HubSpot, put it this way: “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google.”)

PetRelocation wants to be understood as the top-end pet export/import company. So they wisely invested in our SEO consulting services. Already, PetRelocation is moving up the Google search results as we help them create “the best pages on the Internet” about their services.

Visual Storytelling

Given how it’s used, you’d think the Internet was originally created simply to share cute pet pics. In fact, actual scientific studies have demonstrated that cat videos have lasting positive effects on our moods.

PetRelocation understands this. So they create and share tons of pictures of the cats and dogs (and birds and rabbits) they help relocate everyday.

We made sure that the new site was optimized for photography. Big bright photos adorn the homepage—and all sub-pages. Customers can easily share their own stories and pictures. Their social media presence (which is strong) is incorporated into the site.

Building Credibility

  • We made sure the new site was mobile-responsive—a must have for any serious organization in 2017.
  • The homepage features statistics that illustrate PetRelocation’s scope and customer satisfaction. (E.g., “30,000+ pets moved”)
  • Customer stories are incorporated throughout the site, reminding users that these are real people with real pets who are real happy.
  • Smart content—like “Common Concerns” and personalizing the PetRelocation staff with blog articles and biography pages—is easily discovered and highly readable.

In the End

We considered it a pleasure and honor to partner with PetRelocation. They do good work, and they do it well. And if you ever need to move Baxter or Teacup or Bluebell, you know which URL to visit.

(And we’d like credit for getting through this entire case study using only one pet pun. That was ruff.)

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