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Delivering a Digital Identity

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TradeMark Media helped us bring our vision to life. They took a lot of information and organized it into a visual rhyme and rhythm ... At the same time, they enhanced the experience, compelling users to discover new things that they might not have intentionally visited the site to find ... Amy Atchley, Director

Every, Wednesday morning, three TradeMark staffers leave the office, pick up meals from Meals on Wheels Central Texas, and then deliver them to homebound Austinites. Meals on Wheels has been a significant part of our history.

Which is why we're especially thrilled to introduce their new website...


Telling the Whole Story

Meals on Wheels Central Texas' previous website didn't instantly and clearly explain the variety of services the organization offers. While meal delivery is the cornerstone of their work, it's not even close to the whole story. MOWCTX also offers specailized services for veterans and people living with Alzheimer's Disease; home repair and handyman services; meals for kids and people in rural communities; social activities for seniors; and pet assistance.

Users should land on the MOWCTX homepage and instantly sense, "Wow, this is a major organization doing a lot of things in the community."

Nurture User Sympathy

The work that MOWCTX performs is essential and compelling. The general public gets it—and they feel sympathy for MOWCTX's clients. A redesigned website should seize that emotional connection, nurture it, and directly connect it with volunteering and donating.

Make volunteering and donating easy

Every nonprofit agency needs donors. But MOWCTX relies just as much on their volunteer meal drivers. Not only should a new website make online donations and volunteer sign-ups easy, it should offer up both options in equal measure.

Seize Control of the Site

The old MOWCTX website was managed through two inputs—i.e., one for desktop and one for mobile. Even more frustratingly, some of their content was "hard coded," meaning they needed us (TradeMark) to make changes to the site on their behalf. Highly inefficient! The new website should be built on a modern, popular CMS so that MOWCTX staff can manage the site easily.


Deployed a User-Friendly CMS

We integrated the new MOWCTX website on ExpressionEngine 3—a popular, user-friendly content management system. Now, MOWCTX has one simple place from which to completely manage their website's content. Their online identity is now in their hands.

Went Big and Mobile

"Fluid" means that the new MOWCTX site expands with the size of the Web browser, more effectively using available space. Users visiting the site on large desktop monitors have as engaging an experience as users on the simplest smartphones.

More Images

The work that MOWCTX performs everyday is highly photographic. The images are often incredibly moving. So we designed a site that takes advantage of imagery. Big, custom photos are found on almost every page. The user is never allowed to forget that MOWCTX's work is important to real people.

Streamlined architecture

No longer will visitors think MOWCTX only delivers meals. Now, the whole MOWCTX story is being told from the moment a user lands on the homepage. And while MOWCTX's secondary programs get more attention on the new site, we also made sure to give their primary programs the full attention they deserve.

The Verdict

We're honored to have helped an organization like MOWCTX—one which is critical to the well-being of so many of our Central Texas neighbors.

But this wasn't simply a passion project. We designed and built a website that is modern, visually striking, technically robust, and will serve MOWCTX for many years to come.

Want to deliver meals?

Join us by becoming a MOWCTX volunteer today! You'll thank yourself. Simply visit MOWCTX's (gorgeous new) website to sign up.

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