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Thank you and your team for doing a fantastic job delivering us a great website, on time, on budget, and with a lot of productive collaboration. You have a strong team and we look forward to a long and productive relationship. — Gene Zaino, CEO

The Challenges

MBO Partners is the “leading provider of solutions that empower the independent workforce." Which means they work with both enterprise-level companies (which need independent contractors) and individuals (the contractors themselves).

These two audiences arrive at mbopartners.com from different places and with different needs. So the new website should speak to each audience directly from the start–-nudging them through the user journey that MBO wants.

But technical hiccups were also affecting the old MBO website:

  • Page-load times sometimes exceeded 20 seconds (about 20x too long)
  • Outdated and broken links were slowing performance and hurting MBO’s credibility
  • Google Analytics wasn’t fully integrated
  • No SEO strategy suppressed MBO’s presence in search results
  • Over-engineered CMS that made managing the site a tiring chore

And finally, Father Time was tapping his watch: The new website, from hoof to snout, would need to launch in three months––about half the time normally recommended for a project so large.

The Solutions

Right away, we discovered that MBO Partners’ two audiences weren’t using the website in quite the same way:

  1. When it comes to contracting with professional contractors, large companies' needs are unique. Too unique, in fact, to address adequately online. These prospective clients need to speak with an MBO specialist quickly. The website directs them there.
  2. For independent contractors, trust is critical. They need to trust that MBO will provide them value. So the new site is built on clean code and integrated with an easy-to-manage content management system (CMS). It's mobile-friendly now, and page load times are vastly shorter. The overall impression is a professional, credible organization that takes its users' needs seriously.

And what of the new site’s visual design? We kept the “open” and “airy” approach of the old website, while making strategic changes to individual page layouts and content chunks.

Design Element

The new site employs a “scroll enabler" design.

Some websites are laid out so severely, with sharp horizontal lines, that users don’t scroll down the page because they don’t know they can! They stop scrolling. This is not good.

So for MBO, we crafted some more curved, “swooshy” design elements (drawn from MBO’s trademark) to let people know there’s more webpage to see. (In fact, MBO liked our visuals so much, the company is using them as the basis for other marketing campaigns.)

The Verdict

We love this website, and we’re honored to have partnered with MBO to put it together––discovery, architecture, visual design, content strategy, training, testing, and launch––in record time. It’s a sleek, inviting, and resource-rich website that reinforces MBO’s reputation as the industry leader in supporting the independent workforce. What a great company, what a delightful website.

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