Huge Growth in Visitors

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The Challenge

Innography, a growing IP software company, needed a website that engaged customers and explained their core competencies. Their existing site was poorly designed and left visitors with an uninspiring impression. It also didn't explain what the company did, leaving users no choice but to look elsewhere. Innography came to TradeMark Media to change all that, and we accepted the challenge.

The Solution

TradeMark Media worked closely with the Innography team to create a website that was visually engaging and explained what products and solutions the company offers. The site features custom icons that provide visual impact and represent what the company does. The architecture of the site is user-friendly and makes the most important information easy to come by. The site also needed to drive leads so we integrated Marketo with several contact forms and a white paper download function.

The Results

Compared to the same period pre-launch, Innography saw a huge improvement after launch. Visits were up more than 33%, length of visits was up 62%, and the bounce rate (i.e., the rate at which people visited one page on the site then left) decreased from 70% to 44%.

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