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The Challenges

The Internet and books have a long-standing rivalry. For about 3,000 years, books were winning in a landslide. But when the Internet showed up, books seemed like its natural enemy.

But of course that's not really true. Proof: The Houston Public Library.

Houston has an enormous library system, but its old website was unattractive––and not especially powerful. So they sought out us out to settle, once and for all, the ongoing feud between savvy digital technology and the traditional delight of books.

It was essential that a new HPL website reflect the vibrant population of the city, offered an ideal user experience, and was made mobile-responsive across multiple devices.

The new site would also need to support multimedia, effectively integrate the HPL's social media efforts, and meet all Section 508 and WCAG compliance regulations for accessibility (ensuring that everyone could use the website, regardless of disability).

The Solutions

TradeMark Media partnered with HPL to build a site with a large, bright new design that is simply more attractive.

The new site is mobile responsive, meaning users can find books and library events on all major devices (desktop, phones, tablets). Like every website we build, the new HPL site is fully accessible, allowing for better usability for those with disabilities. We also added a new Events Calendar and Location Map.

We also hooked HPL up with a new blog, social media integration and sharing, and a content management system (CMS) that allows HPL staff to create and publish forms to gather user info and feedback.

The Results

With a much greater emphasis placed on the user experience, HPL’s online visitors can now more easily learn about the library and take advantage of its resources and services. Since launching the new site, HPL has received positive feedback from both its staff and customers. The team even received a comment from one of its visitors saying, “Your library website is one of the best I've ever seen!”

In the Books vs. Internet rivalry, everyone wins.

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