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GCS Technologies is a large IT solutions provider based in Austin. They’re the folks who make sure your company’s computers don’t go boom.

But as the company has grown in recent years, its online presence hasn’t kept pace. And for a company in the technology space, a sub-par website can be major roadblock. Moreover, GCS recently reorganized and expanded its IT services––a tailor-made opportunity to make a major overhaul to their website.

Together, we confronted four key challenges:

  1. Clearly explain GCS’ five service areas
  2. In order to support GCS' growth, design a website that is flexible and scalable
  3. Deliver a visual brand that balances technical expertise with fun
  4. Drive users into the sales funnel

GCS Technologies prides itself on delivering world-class technological support to companies of all types. They simply needed a website that made that clear and inviting.

The Solution

Websites are content-delivery channels. And a webpage is little more than an arrangement of content "blocks."

That was our approach to the GCS site. We built their new content management system (CMS) so that content is entered once, but then displayed in different locations and formats throughout the website. This "modular" approach to building a website maximizes efficiency—and ensures that GCS won't have to do another big redesign two years from now.

One example of this modular approach can be found with how customer testimonials are displayed—in this case on their homepage:

The staff at GCS responsible for managing the site have it easier now, too: Our developers coded a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes adjusting content quick and error-free. We also collaborated with GCS to shape their online marketing strategy (including a HubSpot integration), optimize their site for search engines, and integrate a third-party software platform.

Partnering with GCS Technologies was a delight, and we look forward to being their digital BFF––just as they've been our IT BFF––for years to come. No more computers going boom. No websites going "meh."

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