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The Challenge

Since 1977, EEA Consulting Engineers has provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services. Named one of the top places to work by the Austin American-Statesman, EEA boasts a brilliant team of engineers and a lively corporate culture. But their old website wasn't making that clear. 

They needed a new online look—one that clearly communicated their range of services, their expertise, and moved users toward contacting them directly. And, of course, it would need to be mobile-friendly. 

The Solution

For the unintiated, EEA's services might seem complex, even daunting. But they're not. And now, EEA's website makes a sober, direct, and concrete pitch to the user.

With bold colors, an intuitive menu structure, and clear copy, EEA is able to connect with users quickly— thus slowing the potential of a high bounce rate.

With a site like EEA's—content rich, diverse—you never know for certain where a user will think, "I need to talk to these people now!" And so we made sure calls-to-action and contact forms were on nearly every page. Over time, EEA will watch its Google Analytics to determine where users are most engaging with them—and then turn up the heat on that content.

And the site wasn’t just tailored for users. TradeMark designed the site on a “card grid” layout so all the site’s chunks of content can be easily deployed onto individual pages. This approach saves a not-insignificant amount of time.

Working with EEA was a blast. They're as committed to collaboration and mutual success as we are. And we think their new home on the Web reflects this commitment.

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