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Crossroads: A Site for the Deaf Community

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Crossroads is a new organization––a collaboration between Texas agencies that provide services to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Their new (aka, first) website is the starting place for any Texas family that has a child who's deaf or hard of hearing.


  • Establish a digital identity for a new organization
  • Present a visual brand that balances sophistication with whimsy
  • Make the most of the organization's vast archive of content
  • Prepare for Crossroads' ongoing expansion of services and resources
  • Ensure everyone can use the site effectively, regardless of disability>


Designing a new website is tricky. You have nothing, good or bad, to build from. Such was the case with Crossroads, a new coalition of resources for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Crossroads was so new, in fact, they didn't yet have a name. So, during the initial Discovery phase of the design, our team helped them pick one. And then we dug into the nitty gritty of the project: the content.

  • What content should appear on the new website?
  • What shouldn't?
  • How should content be grouped, organized, and laid out across the site?
  • And how could content be architected to allow Crossroads to easily add new services in the future?

Those decisions made and the blueprint approved, our visual designers went to work. They pitched a colorful, vibrant design to match both the spirit of Crossroads and its audience––i.e., families and young people. The result is a wide open, bright website that's more empowering than daunting.

(Also note the subtle use of the logo's "arrow" design throughout the page. It's not only a sly reinforcement of the Crossroads brand, but it also serves to encourage users to scroll further down the pages.)

Ultimately, we're thrilled to have helped Crossroads create their digital identity. But mostly, we're thrilled to have delivered a website that directly supports the efforts of this important new coalition.

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