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An agile sprint toward big results

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Their well-executed concepts surpass what we have gotten from much larger agencies in the past, resulting in faster time-to-market, a higher ROI, and a better bottom line.

Nic Cauwe, Director of Online Strategy

The Challenges

CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company that provides short-term furniture rental, takes an agile approach to marketing—regularly making strategic improvements to their digital presence. Marketing projects are typically three-week "sprints" that produce a set of deliverables.

But for an agile approach to work, CORT needed a design agency with a deep understanding of online marketing and digital technology. They needed a team of quick-to-respond professionals who could roll with the punches, always poised for the next sprint.

They gave us a call. And right away, we plugged in to CORT's fast-moving environment, becoming their go-to partners for high-priority projects.

7% Increase in revenue in the residential market

The Solutions

Partnering with an agency to support agile marketing has plenty of benefits—including quick responses to changing market conditions, a deeper understanding of the brand, and a smaller client spend (due to fewer revisions).

Arranging the Furniture 

CORT offers a service called Move-In Ready: Users complete an online questionnaire about their personal style and living space. The CORT website then provides options that fit their style. Think of it as "furniture curation" in which users can add/remove individual pieces as needed.

Our goal was to boost Move-In Ready revenue by optimizing the user experience—simplifying it, making it more informative, shaping it to how prospective customers actually want to shop for furniture. 

For example: Instead of asking for all of a user's details at once (not fun) CORT now escorts customers through a customized, step-by-step shopping spree (more fun). And instead of contending with a huge wall of options, users add a few upsell options at each stage. We also made sure the cost for each item is clearly listed.

At any time, users can make changes to their cart—and instantly see how their decisions will affect their final cost. Customers feel informed and in control. For new customers, this transparent, well-designed experienced builds trust with CORT. With no sticker shock at the end of their shopping spree, cart abandonment has dropped drastically.

Storytelling by Video

Once the Move-In Ready website was optimized, it was time to promote it. CORT wanted to illustrate all of the benefits of the service—from shopping to purchase to delivery—in a simple, beautiful way. So we developed a motion-graphic video that tells the story.

By using motion graphics (instead of live filming), we were able to stay within the timeline and budget for the project. (Additional versions of the video with new voiceovers were created for CORT's European and Brazilian audiences.)

Watch the Video:

Motion graphics allow us to make changes as they arise; we aren’t limited to filmed footage. It also allows us to include delightful touches that are difficult or impossible to shoot with live-action video (like getting a cat to meow on cue).

In the end, CORT got exactly what they were looking for: a popular video that turned viewers into customers. This project built nicely on the previous one. 

500k views of the Move-In Ready video in the first year

No More Couches on Curbs

Students are a prime audience for CORT. They relocate often. They're trying to save money. They don't want to assemble an apartment’s worth of particle board furniture. 

CORT wanted to communicate to students renting off-campus housing that they should also consider renting their furniture. With this project, timing and education were key:

  • We had to connect with students when they were about to move
  • We had to teach students that furniture rental is a thing

We designed a mobile-responsive "microsite" aimed directly at college students. A simple animation tells the story of a typical student move—and how renting furniture can save time, money, and headaches.

The microsite includes many conversion points that nudge users toward a student version of the Move-In Ready shopping experience—allowing CORT to repurpose existing creative content to drive revenue.

25% increase in students completing the online buying process

Coworking FTW

We feel like a valued member of CORT's excellent marketing team. We worked collaboratively (and quickly!) to create great user experiences that helped CORT grow their revenue.

Short-term furniture rentals led to a long-term creative partnership.

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