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Their well-executed concepts surpass what we have gotten from much larger agencies in the past, resulting in faster time-to-market, a higher ROI, and a better bottom line. Nic Cauwe, Director of Online Strategy

A Peek at the Results

7% increase in revenue in the residential market

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CORT is a Berkshire Hathaway company focused on furniture rental for short-term needs. (Think students, military families, and professionals on location.)

Their marketing is created in an agile environment—i.e., they make continuous adjustments to their digital identity and marketing. Typical projects consist of a three-week sprint with a set of specific deliverables at the end. CORT needed an agency partner that understands digital communication, reacts quickly, and works collaboratively with their internal teams.

A Streamlined Buying Experience

CORT’s Move-In Ready service allows customers to view and select furniture based on a simple lifestyle survey:

We simplified the Move-In Ready experience by breaking it into a step-by-step journey (instead of dumping all information on the user at once). The step-by-step approach allowed customers to more easily view and purchase up-sell items along the way, while also vastly improving the experience on mobile devices.

Now, customers feel more informed and empowered, which helps solidify CORT’s credibility. There’s no sticker shock at the end of the shopping experience—greatly reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate.

An informed customer is more willing to make a purchase. [They] knew that, and made sure our customers were more informed online. The increased sales from our Move-In Ready experience speak for themselves.

Nic Cauwe, CORT Director of Online Strategy

Video Storytelling

Once the Move-In Ready experience was optimized, it was time to promote it. CORT wanted to show how the service worked from purchase to deliver to pick-up—all in a simple, beautiful way.

We developed a motion-graphic video to tell this story:

Motion graphics offer a number of benefits:

  • Keep costs down

  • Quick to produce, which makes the timeline shorter

  • Easy edits can be made on the fly (instead of being tied to footage shot over a day or two)

  • More opportunities for delight (like the cat meowing on cue)

This has been a very successful remarketing campaign for us, especially with the multiple types of content driving people back to our site and ultimately helping to drive sales.

Nic Cauwe, Director of Online Strategy

Focusing on Students

Students are one of CORT’s primary audiences. They move often. They don’t want to move furniture. They don’t want to pay for high-end furniture, but also don’t want to assemble a bunch of flimsy particle-board furniture.

CORT wanted to remind off-campus students that furniture rental is a great option at their disposal.

Timing was everything: We had to reach students as they were moving. But we also knew that we needed to educate our target audience—i.e., most students don’t know they can rent furniture.

We created a series of online advertisements and a responsive design for a microsite aimed directly at students. (It had to be mobile-responsive because students do most of their research on their smartphones.) A delightful animation told the story of a typical student’s move—and how renting furniture would make it so much easier and affordable.

We integrated existing video footage and included plenty of conversion points along the way. The microsite led students to a student-focused version of the Move-In Ready buying experience we’d built earlier.

Our student audience went from not thinking about renting furniture to one of our more successful niche markets thanks to all of this work.

Nic Cauwe, Director of Online Strategy

The Results

7% increase in revenue in the residential market

300k views in year one

25% increase in number of student purchase completions

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