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Following the Rules

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The Challenge

Banking is a complicated endeavor, especially given the tidal wave of compliance rules that every bank must adhere to -- rules that are deep, complex, and ever-changing.

Enter Compliance Alliance (CA)—a subsidary of the Texas Bankers Association that provides its 350 member banks with the compliance documents, consulting, and ongoing support they need to remain on the good side of their customers and regulators.

A few months back, CA came to us looking for a new website. Their old site was fine, but it didn't do nearly enough to serve existing members or attract new ones.

The search function wasn't delivering the best results. Documents weren't organized well. User log-ins were confusing and tempermental.

On top of the stuff that wasn't working, the site was lacking tools, applications, and the easy navigation that CA's members deserved. And perhaps most importantly, the old site wasn't driving users into the sales funnel in any strategic manner.

The Solution

So we got to work, as we always do, with a deep dive into Compliance Alliance's business. (We call this our "Discovery" phase.) We got to know CA's constituents, members, partners, and regulators. We asked detailed, challenging questions. Our goal was to ensure the new site would speak to CA's key audiences in tailored, thoughtful ways.

Our User Experience team also helped design new calls to action for CA's users. Now, they can sign up to be a member, register for a live demonstration, subscribe to CA's newsletter, upload documents for professional review, and log in to their custom account/dashboard.

As with many sites we build, needed to integrate seamlessly with a third-pary app -- in this case, MailChimp, allowing visitors to receive daily email digests. And the new mobile-responsive version of the CA site make searching on the go a breeze.

At TradeMark, we believe in empowering our clients to manage their new website, which is why we built CA's site on an open-source content management system (CMS). Now, CA staff can quickly and simply add news to the homepage, publish or remove documents from the library, or imbed photos or videos.

The new site is highly interactive. CA's visitors and members regularly:

  • Upload documents
  • Receive daily email updates with the latest CA news
  • Export the Events Calendar directly from the site
  • Chat with a customer service rep on the site
  • Share CA content on their social networks via sharing links
  • Search the database of documents, including using filters to find the most relevant information

Last thing: Getting new members is as important as serving existing ones, so TradeMark emphasized optimizing the site for search engines (SEO). We offered detailed content strategy that aligns with CA's unique position online. By targeting keywords and building custom page titles, we were able to move CA up the Google PageRank roster.

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