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TradeMark helped us meet our goals for our new website one step at a time. We made some good friends in the process and we could not be more pleased with the end product! Thank you, TradeMark!

Kelly Acosta, Marketing Coordinator


Capital CDC, which helps small businesses locate and secure funding, needed a new website.

Their existing site had grown stale, outdated. Users couldn't find what they were looking for. Built on an ancient CMS, updating their website was a nasty, Herculean effort. It was an all around challenging situation.

But the goal was simple enough: A smart, bright, and user-friendly website. A website that made getting current interest rates and applying for a small business loan painless.


Judge for yourself.

But suffice to say, this was a collaboration from square one. Capital CDC and TradeMark Media partnered to craft a website architecture that put relevant information precisely where it belongs. Now, users can (almost) instantly apply for a loan, chat with a loan officer, or view their relevant interest rates.

We also built an Online Loan Application, which allows users to save their progress as they go––ensuring Capital CDC doesn't lose any users along the way. We also redesigned and tweaked the Loan Calculator, which helps would-be borrowers make a smart decision.

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