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There's a REALTOR® for that.

They were able to combine the data and knowledge our members possess and translate it into a memorable campaign educating the population of Central Texas—and more importantly, underscoring the need to work with a REALTOR® to be successful in this market.
Emily Chenevert, Director of Operations

The Challenges

Austin real estate continues to boom. More than 150 new people move to Central Texas every day.

And that’s where the Austin Board of REALTORS® steps in—helping new and veteran homebuyers understand the value a REALTOR®  can bring to this fast-paced environment.

But the Austin Board of REALTORS® (ABoR) was hitting some roadblocks—and they needed a fresh new message to tell their story. So they came to us.

The Solutions

First, we spoke with a bunch of ABoR members who confirmed our hunch: Currently, their biggest competitor is do-it-yourself technology—e.g., websites like Zillow and Trulia. Unfortunately, those sites are riddled with inaccurate or outdated information.

To take tech to task—and emphasize the human touch required to find and buy the best home—we developed the 2016 campaign tagline: “There’s a REALTOR® for that.”  The campaign went on to illustrate that there are plenty of things an app can’t do.

Visually, we captured the highs and lows of real estate through candid portraits that show the many faces of the buying and selling process. Whatever the face, a REALTOR® has been there to see it, guiding buyers and sellers to make confident choices.

Online, the campaign had its own website——that focused on consumer education and practical examples of how REALTORS® can save buyers money, time, and headaches.

The website and campaign focus on two key messages:

  1. There are countless insights and homebuying tools that only a REALTOR® can provide.
  2. REALTORS® are deeply connected to local communities and homebuyer advocacy.

By putting a face to these moments, we connect ABoR’s target audience with a shared experience, bringing levity to a stressful situation, and letting Central Texans know REALTORS® are there to take that stress away.
Gardiner Rhoderick, Senior Designer, TradeMark Media

As always, great work comes from great clients—and we can’t thank the team at ABOR enough. The 2016 campaign is supported by digital and print media currently running in the Central Texas area. We look forward to supporting ABoR and their members as they continue to educate the Central Texas market on why there is always a REALTOR® for that.

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