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Our website was we're #1 in all categories we want to be in. Michael Orona, Marketing Communications Specialist

The Challenges

What is simulation software? How does it work? How can we know when it's working? Why should my company invest in it? When? Where? 

Arena Simulation Software (a division of Rockwell Automation) faces these questions everyday. But Arena's old website––i.e., its best chance to answer these questions and lead prospects into a sales funnel––wasn't answering them well enough. Countless would-be customers became ships passing in the (digital) night. Opportunities were being lost. 

In order to seize those sales prospects, Arena needed a comprehensive website redesign––one that looked sharp, gracefully told its story, was easily findable by Google, and which was manageable. 

The Solutions

We believe that websites should never be treated as one-size-fits-all templates. Each organization is truly unique, and each organization deserves an online presence that reflects that.

And so, before we ever put pen to paper, we spent a lot of time diving into Arena. When we finally had our heads wrapped around the intricacies of "simulation software," we designed an online user experience focused on "elegant simplicity." 

Go to the Arena homepage, spend 3-4 minutes with it, and you'll know how beneficial "simulation software" can be. You'll be an expert.

We also made sure all the nuts and bolts were tightened––e.g., the new Arena site seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms like Eloqua (marketing automation) and Salesforce CRM. 

The Results

Arena also hired us to drive traffic. We knew this going into the site redesign, which allowed us to ensure that Google and Bing were critical considerations at every step. We could dive into the specifics of how we increased traffics, leads, conversions, etc. 

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