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We think [the website] will be an incredible sales and marketing tool for our company, and a great resource for our clients that will help propel us into the next decade of the company’s success.

Bart Matheney, Co-Founder

AQUILA’s name makes sense. 

As one of the largest commercial real estate firms in Austin—and one with insight into nearly every nook and cranny of the ever-booming Austin market—it makes sense that AQUILA would name themselves after the eagle from Greek mythology, renowned for his vision and knowledge. 

Because when it comes to Austin commercial properties, AQUILA sees everything. 

But their online presence wasn’t telling that story—and it wasn’t helping them find and close deals. So they came to TradeMark. 

The Challenges

Content Structure

AQUILA provides multiple services to its clients. Its clients include tenants, owners, and investors. Plus, they serve multiple property types—e.g., office, retail, industrial, etc. So how do you organize all of these messages and details into a coherent user experience? 


AQUILA wisely decided to use their website redesign as an excuse to overhaul their messaging, too. Their previous site read like a real estate textbook, full of industry jargon and dry sentences. AQUILA sounded like their corporate competitors.

But AQUILA isn’t a jargony company. Their team is professional yet laid back—sophisticated yet authentic. AQUILA is, quite simply, Austiny. 


The old AQUILA website didn’t offer much interactivity. They didn’t offer a searchable, filterable property search, for example (a must-have for a real estate firm). Clients couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Modern Design

Nothing moves real estate like images. The new site needed to highlight large, high-resolution, professional photographs of actual AQUILA properties. 

The Solutions

We worked closely with the AQUILA leadership team to understand their many service lines. We dove into their user personas and market research. We asked a thousand questions. And in the end, we were able to craft an information architecture that mirrors how AQUILA’s prospects want to get into the Austin market.

TradeMark Media’s team worked diligently with our team on the design, copy, and execution to bring our vision to life, and we think they nailed it.

Kendall Guinn, Director of Marketing

We collaborated with AQUILA’s marketing team to recraft their copy site-wide, including developing unique messages for each service line and audience. The language is simple, plain-spoken, occasionally even a little playful. But throughout, the focus is always on the customer—what they need, what they want.

We also built a custom property search tool that allows clients to see what properties AQUILA is currently managing and selling. Visitors can filter by property type or search by name or zip code. Once a client finds an intriguing property, they can see photos, read about the property details, and immediately get in touch with the relevant AQUILA broker. 

The visual design is bright, simple, and thoroughly Austin. Small touches—like video and animation on the homepage—make the experience feel modern and sophisticated. 

There is no doubt, after browsing the website for just a couple of minutes, that AQUILA is a major player in the commercial market. And thanks to their team's inquisitiveness and engagement throughout the process, this project was a ringing success for everyone.

We’re sold on AQUILA—and we think you will be, too. 

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