Reimagining a Site, Again

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The Challenge

Websites are like plants. To grow, they need care and attention.

Such was the case with Accruent, a worldwide leader in facilities management solutions. When we first partnered with Accruent in 2012 to redesign their website, they were a formidable and growing company that faced the same challenge other companies face online: how to use the Internet to fill their sales funnel with qualified leads. And the site we delivered three years ago did just that.

For a while.

But during those three years, Accruent expanded its catalog of solutions––while also acquiring a number of smaller companies. So, Accruent faced a new challenge: making it crystal clear what, exactly, they do.

“Facilities and real estate management solutions” isn’t immediately clear to many visitors; and visitors who do have knowledge of the industry may not understand the size and scope of Accruent’s reach.

They needed a refreshed website that told their new story, converted visitors into leads, and presented a new “look and feel” to the world.

The Solution

TradeMark partnered with Accruent (for a second time!) to design, build, and launch a new website at

We began by revisiting the Accruent audience. Who are they? How are they different now than three years ago? What challenges do they face that Accruent’s expanding services solve?

And then we scurried back into the lab––read: our offices––and formulated a reimagined digital home for Accruent that reflected its growing brand and wider audience. We watered the plant and placed it in the sunlight.

Specifically, we…

  • Re-organized their sitemap and page layouts to simplify the Accruent story and drive visitors’ attention to the most important sections
  • Made the new site mobile-responsive
  • Modernized the visual design––using cool design tricks like “scroll-blocking visual cues”
  • Reworked old tab-based site architecture into a more sophisticated and sturdy accordion-style menu layout

One other thing: In the years since our first build of their first website, the team at Accruent responsible for managing the site had experienced some turnover. This provided us the opportunity to train new team members on their content management system, helping prevent needless and inefficient approaches to site edits and publishing.

At TradeMark, about half of our revenue is from repeat engagements with clients with whom we have long-standing engagements. Such was the case with Accruent––where our deep understanding of their industry allowed us to provide a comprehensive digital redesign that was laser-focused on achieving their online goals.

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