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Griff Lisheron

Sales & Marketing Intern/Coordinator

“Learning from and working with TradeMark‚Äôs expert staff is an invaluable experience.”

Education: BA in Journalism (Strategic Communications Track), The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Griff is TradeMark’s sole intern and works with multiple branches within the firm. He studied journalism, advertising, public relations and digital media at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the bulk of his work revolved around group collaboration on advertising campaigns and website management. He serves TradeMark Media and its clients through his writing proficiency and engaging personality.

Formerly, Griff worked as an investigative analyst for a public relations firm and the beer department manager for a liquor store. In college, he could be found mixing cocktails and pouring beers at a popular sports bar near the basketball and football stadium.

Griff currently lives in South Austin and spends his free time playing indoor soccer, Tuesday night trivia and perusing tap lists around the city.

  • Favorite Things:

    • Wisconsin Athletics
    • Alpine Skiing
    • Craft Beer
    • New Orleans and its Culture
    • Witty Dialogue
    • Critiquing TV Commercials
  • Favorite Resources:

  • Pet Peeves:

    • Shameless attention seeking on social media
    • Drivers who travel below the speed limit while entering the freeway
    • Forgetting an answer during trivia, then remembering the answer after turning in the answer sheet
  • Organizations:

  • Facts:

    • Corrected his high school English teacher's grammar, which eventually led to a parent-teacher conference
    • (Probably) knows more doo-wop lyrics than anybody under the age of 50
    • Has lived in Austin for 12 years and Wisconsin for 11 years
    • Was one class short of double-majoring in history
    • Thinks The Sopranos and Parks & Recreation are the two best TV shows of all-time
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