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Web design & development based in Austin, TX
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Lisa Sandeford Moore, PMP

Project Manager

“Bringing incredibly talented people together to produce amazing work is a fantastic way to spend your days. Every day brings new challenges, which keeps things interesting.”

Education: Bachelor of Communication Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Project-managing the lives of friends and family from an early age, Lisa was perhaps always destined for a career in the field. She brings a diverse background of experience in the fields of education, marketing communications, and technology to the TradeMark Media project management team, and she loves helping people bring their ideas to life.

After graduating from the School of Communications at UT-Austin, Lisa spent two years in Seoul, South Korea, where she taught English, edited textbooks, and fell in love with the wonderful man who would later become her husband. She came home to put down roots in south central Austin with her (now-)husband and two dogs, Zak and Piper Cub. When not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and family and taking advantage of all that Austin has to offer.

  • Favorite Things:

    • Learning new things
    • Connecting the dots
    • Connecting with people
    • New office supplies
    • Texas Hill Country
  • Favorite Resources:

  • Pet Peeves:

    • Inefficiences in all forms
    • Unnecessary packaging
    • Slow walkers on narrow sidewalks -- I'm a fast walker and I'm going places!
  • Organizations:

  • Facts:

    • Lisa has traveled to 20 countries (and counting)
    • She is up for any challenge and enjoys a bit of healthy competition
    • Recent endeavors include rock climbing, working the pottery wheel, and Thai cooking
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