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Texas State Securities Board gets the TradeMark treatment

Posted by Andrew Buckon September 10, 2015

The Challenge

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) administers and enforces the Texas Securities Act. Five board members, appointed by the Governor, periodically update the Securities Act rules to ensure investors are sufficiently protected and legitimate capital raising endeavors go unimpeded.

As a leader among state securities regulators, the Texas State Securities Board requires a website that reflects their professionalism and conveys their prominence among government agencies. Unfortunately, their outdated format and unpolished presentation failed to meet these requirements.

Because government agencies serve the public, their site must also be user  friendly and easily navigable for the average citizen’s convenience. The clutter of hyperlinks and unintuitive layout of their website begged to be reorganized.

The Board needed a new site with a professional presentation, increased usability and the capacity for timely updates and adjustments. We gave them just that.

The Solution

The new site, like all TradeMark projects, is built on a content management system. This removes the burden of manually updating the site from TSSB’s IT manager. TSSB’s periodic updates to the securities act and new pertinent information appear swiftly to their site keeping its users up to date.

TradeMark Media worked alongside TSSB to figure out what type of professional look worked best for the site. To do this, they reviewed other securities boards’ sites along with sites TradeMark Media created previously. The preferred look conveyed a governmental air of authority combined with easy to find content for their primary audience of investment professionals and financial service consumers.

Once the site’s appearance was selected, TradeMark combined two sites to clearly delineate between investors and industry professionals. The distinct sections of the site’s homepage allows users to quickly find content pertaining to their needs.

Finally, TradeMark created a contact form allowing site users to contact different branches of the agency with questions or comments.

The new platform, appearance, content organization and contact form provide TSSB’s site with all the essential attributes any form of government needs: An air of authority, public accessibility and ability to provide for its citizens in a timely manner.

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