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TradeMark Media Works with Houston Public Library to Launch Their New Website

Posted by Patrick Wickeron November 13, 2014

Houston Public Library (HPL) serves more than 2 million residents of the City of Houston across 44 different locations. They needed a new website with greater attention to user experience so online visitors could more easily learn about and become involved with its various resources and services.

TradeMark Media worked with HPL to design a site with a sleek new design that more effectively engaged with users. The design is mobile responsive and accessible, allowing for better usability for those with disabilities, and includes a renewed events calendar and location map. Attention is also given to better social engagement across the site, with the creation of a new blog and integration with popular social media channels. The content management system also makes it easier for HPL staff to make changes to the site and create new forms to receive user information and feedback.

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