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TradeMark Media and Creative Tonic Develop Brain Chase Interactive Platform for Parents and Kids

Posted by Patrick Wickeron July 21, 2014

Brain Chase is an innovative solution designed to keep children learning during the summer months. As kids complete online learning challenges, they accumulate clues which will help them find the location of a real treasure buried somewhere in the world. Kids who guess the location within a two-mile radius will be flown to the location where they can dig up a gold-plated globe and a key to a safe deposit box containing a $10,000 college scholarship fund.

In early March, TradeMark Media launched the Brain Chase promotional website using designs from Creative Tonic. TradeMark Media recently developed the interactive platform for the June 30th launch which navigates kids through their learning challenges and allows parents and kids to monitor progress.

This platform integrates with the Khan Academy and myON websites to track the number of math problems solved and reading assignments completed, and provides a dashboard for teachers to grade and provide feedback on writing assignments. As each challenge is completed, the platform shows the next animated episode revealing a new clue for the location of the treasure as well as a map where kids can guess where the buried treasure is located. Interfaces were also created for bonus challenges that reveal more clues through a compass and decoder ring the kids received prior to launch.

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