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Texas Health and Human Services Selects TradeMark to Help Medicaid Users

Posted by Andrew Buckon May 1, 2015

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) faced a dilemma: how to convince more families to take advantage of their Medicaid health benefits. For some, the Medicaid system seems too enormous and bureaucratic to tackle, leaving too many families lost, confused, and frustrated. 

The HHSC came to TradeMark Media with this problem, and we're excited to announce a solution that now appears here

This lively new site, developed in close collaboration with HHSC and launched in April, is a one-stop shop for learning how Medicaid works. By leading visitors on a step-by-step guide, the site empowers visitors with all the information they need to take full advantage of their medical insurance. Its users find resources, avoid costly time and financial blunders, and make their Medicaid experience as efficient as possible.

Think of it as an interactive FAQ that leaves no Qs un-A'd. 

TradeMark is proud to partner with the Texas HHSC to empower families. 

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