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Sailpoint Partners with TradeMark Media to Build Their New Website

Posted by Patrick Wickeron November 10, 2014

Sailpoint is a leader in identity and access management and helps enterprise clients control information available to staff and users. They wanted a site with an improved user experience and better organized content so users could easily understand Sailpoint’s solutions and find the information they needed.

TradeMark Media worked with Sailpoint to design a new site with a sharp new look that makes it easier for users to learn and take action. The emphasis on user experience includes a mobile responsive design, search engine optimization so content can be found more easily by those searching online, and better sales flow with clearer calls-to-action. Sailpoint needs to promote its on-premises and cloud solutions effectively, so special attention was given to making this differentiation simple and clear. The new content management system also allows Sailpoint staff to make changes easily.

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