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Real Estate Council of Austin Selects TradeMark Media to Build Their New Website

Posted by Patrick Wickeron August 22, 2014

The Real Estate Council of Austin, Inc. (RECA) is a member-based nonprofit that advocates for the real estate industry, and is committed to economic development and real estate-related issues in Austin and Central Texas. RECA wanted a website with a fresh new look that improved support for its members and provided better access to information.

TradeMark Media created a new website with a modern design that offers RECA members a much stronger user experience. RECA worked with TradeMark to determine their needs for a member management system, researched and ranked potential vendors, and assisted the selected vendor in designing the system to match the new website design by TradeMark. The integration of this platform makes it easier for users to sign up and renew their memberships, sign up for newsletters, register for events, and more.

The action alerts feature provides members with the ability to email policy makers about relevant advocacy topics using a web form. The responsive design also allows for better mobile access, and greater attention was given to social media, with the addition of a new blog and better visibility for news and events.

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