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Friends of UT-Austin Rec Sports Launches New Donation Site

Posted by Andrew Buckon May 6, 2015

Awhile back, we designed and built a new website for The University of Texas Recreational Sports. And today, we're proud to announce that we've launched the new design for Friends of UT Rec Sports, the fundraising division of UT Rec Sports. 

As with any fundraising website, making the donation process obvious, easy, and compelling was priority #1 for Friends of UT Rec Sports. But the new site must also be content-rich, easy to navigate, and aligned with the main site's aesthetics.  

With countless nonprofit organization websites on our roster, we were able to design an effortless donor experience. Now, donors can give to specific recreation programs without any unnecessary hassle or delay. And potential donors who are the fence? They're presented with lively, compelling content that encourages them to give. 

We're proud to partner once again with UT-Austin. Hook 'em! 

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