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Texas PTA and TradeMark Media Launch Revamped


TradeMark Media Launches Redesigned Web Site for Michael C. Bell, D.D.S.


TradeMark Media Named Finalist for the 2009 Greater Austin Business Awards


Coming Back to Work After Baby

Monday was my first official day back on the job after having my first baby. I planned to come back to work after six weeks of maternity leave. But, at the six-week mark, I felt like I was just coming up for air, and had barely looked at my email inbox, much less gottenÉ


Content sensitive advertising, not so sensitive.

This morning when I browsed over my iGoogle modules I saw the recent news on the Iranian airliner plane crash. I clicked the article headline and ended up on the LA Times Web site with an interesting result on content sensitive advertisement.


TradeMark Media and Alliance Work Partners Launch Redesigned


WordCamp Dallas 2009

On Friday, June 27, the TradeMark developers caravanned to Dallas to attend WordCamp 2009, a conference that covers all things WordPress. For those of you who aren’t familiar, WordPress is a free, highly extensible and theme-able, web publishing platform. It is a CMSÉ


TradeMark Welcomes Sarah Bailey


TradeMark Media Attends WordCamp Dallas 2009

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