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SXSW Interactive 2009 Pictures and Video

At this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference we packed our brains full of knowledge but managed to have a great time in the process. Here are some pictures from the event as well as a video of one TMMer riding a mechanical bull. It wouldn’t be Texas without aÉ


A Call to Green Your Business

Hi! I’m Sarah Buser and I’m the account manager at TradeMark. I have a lot of roles here: project manager, content reviewer, client trainer, accountant, goldfish feeder, so my blogs are probably going to be pretty random. I’m also in charge of our studio’s greening efforts,É


My Thoughts on the City of Austin Web Site Debacle

Yesterday the news came out that the City was set to award the $700,000+ contract to a California company. Outrage among the tech community ensued. Why would the City of Austin outsource their Web project to a company in California? Isn’t Austin the center of all thingsÉ


SXSW Interactive - Day 5

Day 5 marked the final day of the SXSW Interactive festival. I spent the last day attending some great panels, connecting with more people and relaxing a bit at the closing party.


SXSW Interactive - Day 4

Day 4 started off rough with a disappointing panel, but ended in grand style with my team taking the People’s Choice award at the AIR-Interactive competition.


SXSW Interactive - Day 3

On day 3 of the SXSW Interactive conference I attended Being a UX Team of One, How to Create Company Culture, an open discussion put on by the Society of Digital Agencies and the Web Awards.


SXSW Interactive - Day 2

Day two began with a team breakfast at Cisco’s, then continued with panels during the day and a couple parties at night.


SXSW Interactive - Day 1

A group of us headed out from the office at about 2:30 pm today, after a mad scramble to get our new Web site launched (you’re looking at it). After standing in line for about an hour, I headed over to Ballroom A where Paul Annett was speaking about Unnatural Experiments inÉ


TradeMark Media Launches Refreshed Web Site for Texas Methodist Foundation


Welcome to the TradeMark Blog!

I’d like to personally welcome you to TradeMark Media’s new blog (and fancy new Web site). We’ve been talking about this for a long time and finally got this thing up and running without pushing aside too much client work.

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