What (Some) Staff Think of the Recent Merger

20 Jan 2017

What are you most looking forward to about the merger with Creative Suitcase?

Being at TradeMark has been about pushing the envelope to meet creative and technical goals. This merger creates the opportunity for us to attract clients with new challenges. 

Wiley Koepp, Senior Developer

I am excited to see how our new services will be integrated into our internal project process.

Laurena Jech, Project Coordinator

The combination of these two groups of experienced professionals will help generate new directions and expand our ideas for even better results. 

Cristóbal Almanza, Information Architect

I'm excited because we're now a one-stop shop for our clients. We can produce a superior product as we collaborate on every aspect of the client's identity, both online and off.

Tara Morrow, Online Marketing Manager

I'm looking forward to having creative experts bring new ideas and experiences to the table.

Carly Hohl, Director of Project Management

I'm looking forward to adding their expertise and spunk to our team!

Valerie Hinze, Project Coordinator

I'm excited to add a big dose of creative juice—and discover new places to use it.

Danny Lufkin, Senior Developer

I'm looking forward to adding comprehensive creative strategy to TradeMark's existing suite of service offerings.

Gardiner Rhoderick, Senior Designer

I know this merger will result in more robust creative results for our clients. And we will truly be able to help them with any online pain their brand is feeling.

Martin Merida, Senior Designer

Fun new team members and exciting new services! I can't wait to help our clients with their creative marketing needs both online and off.

Polly Thurston, Senior UX Designer

This merger means we can deliver clients a complete brand overhaul, including sophisticated, practical strategies for converting their online presence into business wins.

Andrew Buck, Content Marketing Manager