Case Study: The Bug Master

18 Apr 2016
The Bug Master is an Austin mainstay––a business that’s been a fixture in the local economy for 35 years. And they’re regularly recognized by their industry peers as one of the finest extermination outfits in the country. 
But their customers couldn’t book appointments online.
A few months back, our friends at Creative Suitcase approached us and said, “We’re designing a scheduling app for The Bug Master. Could TradeMark build it?"
It’d be our absolute pleasure.
It was a the kind of challenge we relish: How to build an online experience––in this case, an online scheduling experience––that works elegantly for both the user and the website administrator.
The initial “discovery” phase was critical. We needed to understand, in painstaking detail, how customers thought about extermination––and balance it with the logistical realities of The Bug Master’s operation. 
Creative Suitcase provided the information architecture, user journeys, and visual design. 
We then built the app using AngularJS
It’s what’s called a “single-page application” (SPA)––which means all of the interactivity happens on a single page instead of loading a new page each time the user makes a choice. This approach saves time and reduces user abandonments. (And it makes the experience MUCH more effective on mobile devices.)
We’re thrilled with the result. It’s a beautiful, perfectly simple online interaction that (a) delights customers and (b) directly supports The Bug Master’s business goals. 
And we’d like some credit for writing this whole article without making a single insect pun. That would’ve really ticked you off, huh?