Case Study: TEXPAC

02 Feb 2016


TEXPAC is the grassroots, bi-partisan political arm of the Texas Medical Association. TEXPAC focuses on helping elect candidates who are good for doctors and medicine. 


  • Increase membership in TEXPAC
  • Process donations online
  • Clarify TEXPAC's relationship to the Texas Medical Association––and correct misconceptions
  • Emphasize the non-partisan nature of TEXPAC
  • Bring helpful content out from behind the user login


Political action groups like TEXPAC are a unique breed. On the one hand, they need support from their membership (in this case, doctors), but on the other hand, certain regulations restrict how TEXPAC goes about securing that support––both online and off.

First and foremost, we partnered with TEXPAC to bring them solidly into 2016 with a modern design, a freshly deployed content management system (CMS), and a mobile-friendly site. 

But in the trenches, the work was fascinating. For example:

TEXPAC is non-partisan in nature; it supports candidates from both parties. In order to increase and engage its membership, TEXPAC needed to make this fact clear.

And so the redesign––e.g., sitemap, architecture, content and visuals–––needed to be right down the middle of the aisle. Not the Republican party, not the Democratic party––but the "Party of Medicine." 

We think we delivered a website that looks, feels, and communicates a message in support of medicine, doctors, and the entire profession. And now, TEXPAC can confidently point legislators to their new website.