Project Spotlight: Project Access

26 Oct 2016

Established in 2002 by the Travis County Medical Society Foundation, Project Access is a system of medical care for low-income, uninsured Travis County residents. The goal of Project Access is to fill the gap that exists between working individuals who earn too much for government programs like Medicaid, but not enough to afford independent health insurance. Prior to 2016, they had no website presence aside from an interior page on the Travis County Medical Society website. And their logo did little to identify the services they provided.

With goals to serve more clients and grow their medical volunteers (doctors and specialists), Project Access enlisted the Creative Suitcase team to develop a logo and website.

The first priority was a logo that provided name recognition within the medical community and to the target audience of working residents in Travis County, including Spanish-speaking residents. We needed to give Project Access a clear voice.




“The client wanted to forgo commonly used medical iconography (medical cross, caduceus, etc.) as some patients come from disaster-stricken areas where those symbols have different meanings. To reinforce a sense of support as opposed to crisis, we stylized an instrument of care that not only communicated quickly and was language-agnostic, but allowed us to create a gentle, welcoming sensibility.”
–Gardiner Rhoderick, Creative Director, Creative Suitcase

The Creative Suitcase team selected a brand color palette that would help the organization stand out from their medical counterparts while still giving a nod to the industry with a unique shade of blue. The website needed to feel warm, bright and inviting, and evoke the unique vibe that makes up the Austin community. The choice of color hit all those marks and the result was a welcoming site from the moment visitors land on the homepage.


The primary audience for the Project Access website are those over the age of 19 living in Travis County that do not qualify for Medicare or the Medical Access Program (MAP), and do not make enough income to afford their own insurance plan. However, the website is also a resource for medical professionals looking to volunteer their services. It was developed with the knowledge that while these audiences will utilize the website in different ways, both need to gain a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s mission.

To best serve the Austin community, special considerations were made for non-English speaking patients and a full Spanish site was developed, complete with application forms and contact information. The dual language sites were developed using one code set for easier future updates.

Like most nonprofit organizations, responsive was a must. Having the ability to complete the patient sign up process on a variety of devices was a clear need for the Project Access team. In the past, applications were completed in person or over the phone. Moving the process online saved countless hours in staff time.

“Creative Suitcase followed a holistic approach with our new branding and website. Their team took an organizational process that is integral to our business (our patient application form) online, saving us hundreds of hours in employee time each year. They worked diligently to connect all of our stakeholders, to listen to our needs and to ensure we kept the project moving forward. We are very pleased with how Creative Suitcase has impacted our organization and would recommend them to other nonprofits looking to make significant change!”
–Kathy Gichangah, Project Access Director, Travis County Medical Society Foundation

The logo and website project for the Project Access organization was a labor of love – and could not have been done without the support and staff that make Project Access successful. We look forward to their continued growth and the impact they have on our community.